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Windows 10 Setup Script

Version 1.3 beta — Batch File 32.5 KiB

Note about this script
This topic is addressed to people familiar and concerned about modern privacy and security trends, with a general inclination or full determination to using free and open source software. If you are unfamiliar with the topics listed above, I suggest you take a look at this dedicated page and read though it's brief summary.

How To Use It

Windows 10 will automatically disregard most, if not all, privacy settings made through group policy, with regards to data collection. It will also overwrite all, hence placebo, privacy settings made with it's UI, using Windows Update. This makes conventional privacy approaches meaningless, if Windows Update is enabled, giving Microsoft a universal backdoor into your operating system.

This script mitigates these issues, while a free and 100% legal method of obtaining and using Windows 10 can also be found below, and is strongly recommended to be used in combination with this script, in place of any other Windows builds.

Windows 10 Build 1511 Download
Microsoft allows these keys to be used to install Windows 10. The use of these keys is 100% legal, as they have been provided by Microsoft, to enable administrators with the ability to quickly deploy Windows 10.

Windows 10 Build 1511: Download a Windows 10 .iso file form here [TAR.GZ 3.9 GiB] [OFFLINE]
Windows 10 Pro Generic Install Key: TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99

After installing, simply disconnect your computer form the internet, and execute the script as an administrator. From there follow the steps and it will configure your system for you.


Simply running the first option will suffice for most people. This will disable Windows Updates, relevant services and make tweaks to the explorer etc, all inline with the purpose of this script. Make sure to also set the user permissions, and read the portion of this readme regarding that subject, if you are unsure how to proceed.


The chocolatey step will download a preconfigured set of software, mainly FOSS, for default app replacements and general usefulness. I strongly recommend the use of these programs, and effort has been made to keep them light weight and privacy friendly. Windows will hereby also be retrofitted with a package manager, a feature missing from the OS. The package list of software installed by the script can be modified by simply opening the script file in a text editor and editing the package list starting at line 573. The package names of available software can be looked up at here. I strongly advocate for the use of chocolatey, and package managers in general.


During the user configuration, be sure to add a password to the 'Administrator' user visible in the list. Furthermore change the group membership of your user to 'Standard User' and revoke all Administrator privileges. Then set your user to login automatically at boot. It will prompt you to type in your password. This strongly secures your Windows 10 installation, and makes the need for an anti-virus program redundant. Since we are on that topic, do not install any conventional commercial anti-virus programs, with the exception of projects such such as clamwin.

Relevant information in this regard can be found here .

If you are attempting to run something as admin, like installing new programs or changing system configurations, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to type the Administrator's password.