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Seattle Sakura-con and my interest in creating an AMV

Having visited my share of Anime conventions I was often off put, but at the same time somewhat fascinated, by their AMV or "Anime Music Video" screenings. While the large majority of these edits seem to be scored by Linkin Park in a cringe worthy attempt to use Microsoft Movie Maker by ostracized teenagers, there are the occasional gems. Something about re-editing one's favorite artist's cinematic creations was off putting at first. It felt like one would ruin the magic in an almost unhonerable fashion, but I grew interested and soon relized that one could express one's own interpretation and editing skills of the work through remixing.

Originally created: Sat, 5th of July, 2014
The End Of Evangelion AMV - SHAMELESS
Originally published on YouTube, this was an extreme editing attempt with Kdenlive (something I will never do again), it represents my second attempt at an AMV.