I would like to interject for a moment.

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GNU/Linux represents an alternative operating system nested in a worldwide collaborative open source eco-system. Given the current state of affairs I am disappointed to say, that the open source development model, as, for example, implemented by licensing agreements such as the GPL in the free software world, seems to be the most efficiently and openly organized system on the planet.

Image credit: Ubuntu logo designed by Canonical, Archlinux artwork is free for use

Ubuntu, organized by a company called Canonical, offers the best balance between ideology, pragmatism and wide spread industry support. It is used by many of the worlds major corporations in one form or another, and has the largest user install base of any desktop GNU/Linux distribution. On a minor side-note I would like to mention that my perception of Ubuntu has changed for the better with their more recent releases.

Similarly, Archlinux represents the best balance between ideology and pragmatism and has the largest install base of any rolling release distribution, making it the most supported. While I have shifted my default installation OS to Ubuntu to maintain predictability for problem resolution, my heart still lies with Arch, and I still use it on a daily basis for many isolated purposes.

Image: archlinux riced openbox desktop

Archlinux is a GNU/Linux distribution, which, in short, adheres to certain principles of modernity and modularity, differentiating it vastly from other distros. It has gained a semi-large following with a group computer enthusiasts, being known on the image board 4chan for it's "riced desktop" aesthetic, with users having heavily modified application's graphical appearances and theming, as well as functionality. This is just the tip of the iceberg indicating one of the distros outspoken primary goals of giving the user absolute and complete control over every aspect of the operating system.