Blast Processing

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Two Different Logo Designs
Looking for a stranger blast induced look on the left, and a more retro styled logo on the right

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Blast Processing - If you can't innovate, imitate

And imitate we did...

Blast Processing was my, at the time, social group's idea of adding another gaming channel to the already crowded space of YouTube gameplay channels. We would entertain the viewer not by demonstrating any kind of particular skill at the game, but by the obscurity of the games we selected, and by our approach to a relaxed, personality driven discussion, all while the actual video footage, while not providing any central focus, added more of a backdrop to the commentary. Sound familiar? That's because we obviously ripped it from the thousands of other identical channels on YouTube.

While not many episodes were recorded, and with none of them having been released to the public, I have recently stumbled upon the project folders on one of my hard drives, which prompted me to render them and gave me the idea of making them available here. I will upload what episodes I can, and as a sort of memento to this miserable project, I will also collect and consolidate any other information and media I can find relating to it.

The Name

The name Blast Processing originated from a failed marketing campaign for the SEGA Genesis, that claimed to have a special hardware accelerated feature dubbed Blast Processing, which would improve both the performance and fidelity of it's games. It turned out to be a complete marketing driven lie, as no such special hardware was found to be present in the console. We thought it sounded cool, and went with it.

My work for this project consisted of all asset creation, video editing and channel management. I had also committed to spreading awareness of the channel once some of our videos had taken hold. The other members, which consisted of 3 individuals by the names of Ethan, Cooper and Austin, provided the channel's content backbone in the form of it's commentary personalities.

Experience and Ending

To me, to certain degree, this project proves that I am capable of managing and producing for a simple gaming channel such as this, as we where able to match existing YouTube content quality for this category with little effort.

Ultimately the channel never reached completion, as one of it's members decided to part with us, leaving us with unfinished work, and the reality that, while it had been a fun ride, there was no future in this endeavor.


I have uploaded a few of the project's never before seen videos. If you have a bit of time to waste, feel free to watch them.

Originally created: Thu, 14th of April, 2016
Episode 00 - Dynamite Headdy
Our introductory video shot at a whim. Because of it's awkwardness and, in our opinion at the time, comparably worse execution, I decided to name to video Episode 0.
Originally created: Thu, 14th of April, 2016
Episode 01 - Kid Chameleon
We play Kid Chameleon, an old classic, interestingly developed in part by Mark Cerny, who, at the time of the PS4's release, had become a frequently used meme, as his game Knack proved to be quite an underwhelming, though enthusiastically overhyped, childish launch title for the PS4.
Originally created: Thu, 14th of April, 2016
Episode 02 - Decap Attack
This game is the most awkward and straight up disturbing platformer I have ever seen, which of course makes for a great discussion and and commentary.