"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge."
— Carl Sagan


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About Myself

Having been born in 199X, I increasingly grew up under the influence of the Internet, in an age of visually apparent ephemeralization, as well as rapid shifts in societal development, only perhaps previously predicted by skeptic science fiction writers, decades before my time.

In a world where information and ideas permeate throughout civilization in the same manner and speed in which the human brain accesses and records memories, I, as many others my age, quickly realized an existence in possibly the largest cultural gap between any generation in human history.

This website serves as a collection of my interests and thoughts on the world I encounter, as I stumble through this ever stranger experiment we decidedly call civilization.

These may include, but are not limited to: Technology, Social Science, Philosophy, Psychology and Neurology, Film and Anime analysis, cringe.

Posted: Thu, 10th of November, 2016
GNU/Linux use and choices
My ideological views and choices concerning GNU/Linux distributions.
Posted: Thu, 10th of November, 2016
What really fascinates me
If you ever get into a deeper discussion with me, you are likely to encouter these topics.
Posted: Thu, 10th of November, 2016
Privacy: The concerns of a surveillance state
A brief overview of critical points relating to this subject, as well as my communication recommendations.