Posted: 2017/6/8
Windows 10 Install Script
Mitigating Windows 10 data collection and bloat software from one simple script
Posted: 2017/1/27
Ubuntu 16.04: Initial Setup
My personal collection of tweaks and software installations I perform after every desktop 16.04 installation
Posted: 2017/1/2
Headphone Audio — My Experiences With Multi-Device Configurations
Using S/PDIF Transmission To Provide A High Fidelity, Synchronized Headphone Audio Solution Simultaneously To Multiple Listeners
Posted: 2016/12/22
Richard Stallman's Disjoined Realism And Frozen Belief System
Confronting the Free Software Foundation's ideology with mainstream technical illiteracy and modern anti-capitalist populism.
Posted: 2016/11/11
Growing Interest: Universal Basic Income
How automation will create a consumption deficiency and ultimately force governments to adapt.
Posted: 2016/11/10
Blast Processing
An old, never to be seen, group gaming YouTube project, which eventually served as a means for me to get to know a now close friend of mine.
Warning possble cringe alert.
Posted: 2016/10/11
Bunsen on Archlinux
I started this project as a means to continue using the famed, now dormant, Crunchbang Linux desktop environment, but under Archlinux.
Posted: 2016/10/5
My thoughts on Re:Zero
This page contains both visual as well as narrative spoilers of Re:Zero, and is intended to hold my brief thoughts and comments on the show, and on the people who made it.
Posted: 2016/9/2
Shameless - Evangelion AMV
An AMV I created for an anime convention in Seattle, WA in 2014. This was the first time I had worked with footage that wasn't my own. I have high respect for the artistic expression that is Evangelion.
Posted: 2016/9/2
Windows 10 Spyware
A brief overview covering everything from privacy concerns to a safe installation and configuration and ultimately usage scenarios of Windows 10.